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International Resources Global Reference Desk

Airport ATM Locator -Airport ATM Locator - Find airport ATMs worldwide - Listed by country.
American Express Travel Service Locations -  American Express Travel Service Locations -
ATM Locator Quick Search -ATM Locator Quick Search - Visa and Plus ATM worldwide locator engine.
CIA World Fact Book - CIA World Fact Book - A wide ranging storehouse of data on all the world's nations from the CIA - this is proof that the CIA actually does gather intelligence.
Currency Resources On The Internet - Currency Resources On The Internet - Currency Converters - ATM Cash Machines World Wide -  Currency Exchange & World Exchange Rates - Nations & Their Currencies.
CyberCafes.Com - CyberCafes.Com - Find Cyber Cafes Around The World. - This site contains a database of 3325 internet cafes in 133 countries. You can search by city or country name for a list of cafes found in that location, or click on the HyperLinked-Map for quick access to regional listings. Listings include location (country, city, address), home page URL, and e-mail address.
Cybernet Cafe Search Engine - Cybernet Cafe Search Engine - Find Cybercafes worldwide - the database contains listings for 4572 verified cybercafes, public internet access points and kiosks in 141 countries.
Dictionary Gateways - Dictionary Gateways - Query Boxes & Links.
Electric Plug Adapters & Voltages For The World's Countries - Click Here - Know the Plug Adapters & Voltages before you go.
Monitoring Human Freedom - Monitoring Human Freedom - Monitor and understand human freedom around the world. Look before you leap...  or, look and go render a helping hand to improve things.  . If you don't like the mess the world is in you might try our Volunteer Jobs Overseas  - It would probably be great fun and would teach you much about the world as it really is. 
Overseas Judicial Information by Subject - Overseas Judicial Information by Subject - Find out what your rights are as an American Abroad - (Can the country you go to extradite you back to the country you left?) Child Support Enforcement Abroad - Marriage Abroad - Divorce Overseas - Extradition treaties - more ~
Overseas Judicial Information by Country - Overseas Judicial Information by Country - Find out what your rights are as an American Abroad - What kind of assistance can you get? Not just what can they do to you, but also what can they do to protect you?  (Can the country you go to protect you from the country you've left?  Other complicated issues ~ 
Telephone Search Engine - Global - All Nations Expatriates & Travelers Telephone Search Engine  - Includes Dialing Codes & Directories Worldwide.
Weather World Wide - Weather World Wide - A List of links to world wide weather resources. 
World Press & Media - World Press & Media - World press & media by country.
Voltages Search Engine For The World's Countries - Voltages Search Engine For The World's Countries - Know what shocks you in the country you're traveling to.
Zip Codes & Postal Codes of the World - Zip Codes & Postal Codes of the World -

Maps of Venezuela 

atlapedia Online - Maps of Venezuela - You can see two high definition maps of Venezuela, one political and the other physical. - Map of Venezuela - General Information , Map, local time, key data, latest news, currency converter, country, political and economic overview, corporate sector, environmental trends and more
Expedia Map - Venezuela - Zoom in - move map, re-center and other options make Expedia maps superb tools. Their maps are clear and the many options make finding what you want a certainty. 
Graphic Maps - Map of Venezuela - Graphic Maps provides a country profile plus map of most of the world's countries.  They also have locator maps which show a countries location on it's continent. "World Atlas: including every continent, country, major city, dependency, island, ocean, province, state and territory on the planet" - Maps of Venezuela - You can see political, physical, elevation maps and a city map of Caracas.
MapQuest - Map of Venezuela - Absolutely amazing maps of the world in which you can continually zoom in on and and re-center.  Goes from satellite view all the way to street view.
Merriam-Webster - Map of Venezuela - A clearly detailed map plus geographic facts from Merriam-Webster
detailed map plus geographic facts from Merriam-Webster
The Map Machine - Map of Venezuela - From the National Geographic Society - The map features on this website are absolutely outstanding - These dynamic maps allow you to zoom in or zoom out, you can drag in the map to recenter, or to enlarge. It is a fine presentation of state-of-the-art interactive maps.  You can zoom from a satellite view of a country to a close up view of one of it's cities.  The National Geographic Society Map website presents much more than maps and is a recommended resource.
National Geographic Store - National Geographic's world-famous maps and globes - Books, Videos and DVDs, Maps and more.
Free Blank Outline Map - Venezuela - A free blank outline map of the country of Venezuela to print out for educational, school, or classroom use from Geography Guide Matt Rosenberg
National Geographic - Printable Map of Venezuela - choose GIF or PDF
Travel Maps - Map of Venezuela - Access this atlas, with a solid outline graphic of the country, plus messages and photos from other people, and a guide to lodging and dining.
World Travel Guide - Map of Venezuela - Find Venezuela in a blank map and also view a close-up map of the country, with key cities and bordering nations.
MyTravelGuide Atlas - Venezuela - In-depth travel guide offers a map and country facts, plus information on geography, places of interest, visas, currency and transportation.


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